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10 Most Popular Handbags and Celebrities Using Them and louis vuitton replica

Purchasing luxury designer handbags is not a decision you take lightly. Every woman knows that. Handbags occupy a position of pride in a woman's wardrobe. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that designer handbags can make a loud and clear statement about your social and financial status, besides your fashion sense. What makes designer handbags so tough to choose is the sheer amount of money they cost. You're shelling out the income of several months possibly. So, before you part with your cash, it is vital to make sure that you are getting high value for money. Imagine if you were to spend thousands of dollars on a handbag that went out several seasons ago! Some of the factors that you have to take into account when you purchase designer handbags are the make, durability, safety, fashion, color, desirability and functionality. It might seem like a lot, but, hey, that's what makes these babies so pricey.

So, if these two are your basis on choosing the best designer handbag brand, then better take a quick look on the considered top 10 on the list:

10. Miu Miu

The Miu Miu replica label, initiated by Miuccia Prada is also a sibling of the luxury bags company Prada. Compared with Prada, Miu Miu is daily-oriented, more casual and affordable, with a youth-targeted market. Relatively young with its foundation in 1992, Miu Miu is renowned for clean chic designs and modern youthful spirit.

9. Chanel

Chanel is one of the most recognizable designer handbag brand logos in the fashion world. If you watch "Sex and the City," then you are probably familiar with the line of Chanel handbags replica.

Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton, Emma Watson, Kristin Davis, and Lauren Conrad are some of the famous celebrities seen using Chanel line of bags.

8. Fendi

That double "F" logo will never be missed in any collection of designer handbag aficionados. With the Fendi purse or handbag, anyone will certainly look elegant and refined.

The singer Jessica Simpson, Jenny McCarthy, and the fashion icon Paris Hilton are some of the celebrities who have those double "F" Fendi logo in their handbag collections.

7. Burberry

Burberry is known for its check pattern trademark. This is also one of the known high quality handbags in the world. Anyone wearing the Burberry trademark is usually welcomed with a "Wow!"

The elegant and famous actress Cameron Diaz and Victoria Beckham are just some of the celebrities using the Burberry trademark.

6. Longchamp

The handbag on top of my list would be the Longchamp Metallic-Print Travel Bags. Longchamp is one of the most well-known brands in the handbag industry and is very popular in Asia and Europe. The brand's most popular bag, the Le Pliage, is known as one of the most practical and versatile bags in the world. It can be folded for ease of packing, and unfolded whenever you need to use it. The Longchamp Metallic Print Travel Bags are an updated and modernized version of the Le Pliage. These bags still have the Le Pliage shape and can also be folded for easy packing, but the bags in this collection are in metallic. I absolutely love the gold version and I think it is such a steal at just $145 for the shoulder tote. As an added bonus, these bags are also stain and water resistant, which is perfect for lazy girls like me who never find time to clean their handbags. Whether you use them as an everyday bag or as a travel bag, these Longchamp Metallic Print Travel Bags are really one of the best metallic handbags in stores today.

5. Hermes

When it comes to designer's bag in Italy, Prada is the first name in mind. Hermes replica bags are known to be chic, classy, and luxurious.

The singer-actress Hillary Duff, the beautiful Eva Longoria, and Liv Tyler are just some of the Hermes fanatics.

4. Dooney & Bourke

Dooney & Bourke handbags are known for its luxurious design and materials that is very popular for celebrities and many women worldwide.

Some of the celebrities seen wearing Dooney & Bourke are Hayden Panettiere, Mischa Barton, Emma Roberts, and Marcia Cross.

3. Gucci

Gucci is a name very popular since 1921. The popularity of this Italian brand is known not to vanish until these days.

Elizabeth Taylor and Jacqueline Kennedy are just some of the Gucci handbags replica aficionados.

2. Louis Vuitton

You certainly won't miss in the list the Louis Vuitton handbags replica. The Paris-based fashion house is the supreme statement when it comes to luxury designer bags.Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, Kater Moss, Uma Thurman, Jessica Simpson, and Angelina Jolie are celebrities using Fake Louis Vuitton.

1. Coach

These days, women want to posses the latest Coach bags, Handbags or Purses to look fashionable and elegant. Coach bags not just look nice, but even add class to your living thus improving your confidence level. Majority of the females just can't do without a coach bag or a handbag as they feel incomplete without one. Coach bags fill the blank space left in your dressing giving you a feeling of perfection and excellence. Moreover, to know what is in-vogue these days, greatly help you to buy a perfect Coah Bag, Purse or Handbag. This will also improve your confidence level as you will be wearing the just right coach bag that is in-fashion these days. You will look great as you know that you are perfect.

There may be a lot of designer handbag brands in the world but only few made it to the top 10 list of designer handbags. So, have you got all these brands in your collection already?

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